Facilitate Effective Communication and Engagement at the Workplace (CRS-Q-0028096-ES)


   WSQ Level-B Course core module for those would like to acquire the skills and knowledge to facilitate an effective communication and engagement at the workplace, and for those would like to pursue career as WSH professional.

 Course Overview & Objective

  On completion of this course, learners will have the knowledge and skills to:-

    •Communicate organisational communication policies and procedures to      staff and monitor their compliance
    •Maintain channels of communication to update staff on latest and      relevant work-related information according to organisational      communication policies and procedures
    •Promote effective communication among staff taking into account diversity      issues.
    •Use appropriate communication techniques and tools to suit different      communication styles of people in formal and informal settings.
    •Assess conflict situation and develop appropriate conflict resolution      strategies.
    •Resolve conflict using appropriate conflict resolution strategies,      approaches and techniques.





  Target Audience

   The job role(s)/occupations that this unit would be relevant to may include all occupational roles in all industries, although the primary target audience would be those with some responsibilities for the work of others, usually related to an organisational sub-set of functions.

Course Details

Course Title : Facilitate Effective Communication and Engagement at the Workplace
Course Reference No : CRS-Q-0028096-ES
Mode of Training : Classroom
Duration : 16 hours, including 1 hours of assessment
Language : English
Course fee : $ 321.00 ( Includes GST )
Certification : Only Participants with 75% attendance will be eligible to sit for the examination. Certiificate will be awarded to participants who successfully complete the course and pass the assessment.
Class Size : Maximum 25
The course schedule can be arranged as
a) 2 full days (weekday or Sunday)
b) 4 evenings
Special Class : Available upon request with minimum 8 participants.
Skills Development Fund (SDF) Available : Applicable to Singaporean & Permanent Residents only.   50% for <40 years, 90% for >=40 years, 95% for >=35 years & earning <=2000/ months (WTS)
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