Cambrian Academy Pte Ltd believed every individual's processes are different. We offer various type of training courses such as WDA Approved Courses and In - house Safety Courses .

In Cambrian Academy, we also do customise every course to each individual or organization's practice to assist in building his own confidence and capability.

WSQ - SSG Courses
1.Assess Confined Space For Safe Entry And Work (CRS-Q-0024582-OH)
2.Level B course - WSQ Coordinate Implementation of Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan (CRS-Q-0027114-WP02)
3. Facilitate effective work Teams (CRS-Q-0028056-ES)
4. Facilitate effective communication and engagement at the workplace (CRS-Q-0028096-ES)
1.Understanding Cable Detection and Earthworks Requirements
2.Basic Traffic Controller Course
3.Basic Traffic Supervisor Course
4.Basic Traffic Manager Course
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